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I work on a wide range of vintage mechanical wrist and pocket watches. I also repair and overhaul the Hamilton calibers 500 and 505 electric watches. When I worked at the Hamilton Watch Company, I worked with a few "old timers" that worked on "project x" which was the code name given to the Hamilton electric watch project in the 1950's. They showed me some tricks for the repairs. I do not work on clocks off this web site. A clock must be brought into the shop for estimate. I will not get into shipping clocks. No exceptions!  I only do complete overhauls on watches. No partial repairs.


An overhaul consists of an assement of the overhaul. Estimate is then given. Remember an estimate is just that. The watch movement is  completely disassembled. The disassembled movement is cleaned using agitation plus ultrasonic action in my L&R Vari-Matic III automatic watch cleaning machine. The clean movement is then inspected for worn or broken parts and they are replaced as necessary. A new mainspring is installed in all overhauls. The movement is then re-assembled and lubricated using fine Mobeous lubricants. The watch movement is left to run overnight before being put on the electronic watch timer to assure accuracy of time keeping.


The watch case and band ( if metal band) are ultrsonically cleaned. Case parts, (crown tubes, chronograph pushers, crowns, ect.) are inspected and replaced if needed. Chronograph pushers are extra! The watch case and band are refinished to like new condition if customer requests. A simple crystal is replaced, fancy or complicated crystals are extra. The watch dial and hands are cleaned, (re-luminous in hands if needed) before installation on the watch movement. The watch is then re-cased, checked for timing and chronograph function (if required) and then re-shipped to customer after payment is recieved.   



What is an overhaul?

Hebdomas Pocket Watch


Hebdomas Pocket - front

Rare 8 day pocket watch

Hebdomas Pocket - back

                       Hebdomas Pocket

Inside back cover showing mainspring barrel

Zodiac Moonphase

Zodiac - Disassembled

Zodiac Case before cleaning & refinish

Zodiac - finished product - satisfied customer!

Leonidas - As recieved

Leonidas- Back

Leonidas - After overhaul

Leonidas - Valjoux 22 - single pusher disassembled

Leonidas - Dial, Hands, and case before re-finish

Leonidas - Caseback after removing engraving and re-finish

Leonidas - Finished watch - complete overhaul -Refinish case & band

Nice 1940's LeCoultre military watch showing complete disassembly

LeCoultre overhaul complete

LeCoultre case after re-finish

Finished 1940's LeCoultre

Finished 1940's LeCoultre

LeCoultre caseback after re-finish

1940's Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier cleaned - ready for assembly

Baume & Mercier overhauled and cased up

Veiw of chronograph pushers

Caseback after re-finish

The watches I've shown on this page are just a very small sample of my work.  I will try to change the images from time to time so you always have something new to look at.

Heuer Autavia 73363 in "Siffert Colors" Before Restoration

Heuer Autavia 73363 After Restoration - SWEET!

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